Business Promotion Ideas

Promoting a business is nowhere near as easy as it used to be – what with so much competition in this day and age. Finding new and exciting business promotion ideas can make a lot of difference and for companies that are keen to maximise their publicity in the most modern ways; here are three great ways to do exactly that.

Custom t-shirts

Custom printed t-shirts can be a great way to promote a business without being over the top (forgive the pun). Apparel can be printed online using a reliable t-shirt printing company and you could add your logo, a clever catchphrase, or any number of engaging visuals to encourage your brand’s growth (and you could even give a few away as a special offer to your customers to help with publicity).


Although plenty of people use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to take notes and correspond with people – there’s no denying that a great looking pen or a set of stationary in general could sway these individual’s interest. Giving pens with a logo and brand imagery away at an event can be a fantastic way to promote a business, but rubber, rulers and even pencil sharpeners can be useful, too. If you have access to a school or office and want to give away freebies, then the potential could go even further.


Who can help but stop and read a captivating poster that’s been placed on a wall, a lamppost, or a board outside of a shop? Posters can be a great way to advertise a business and if you don’t mind partnering with other services, you might even find the potential to promote in shop windows an option. As long as your poster is eye-catching and looks professional, you’ll be able to trust that it will do what it’s intended to do – and your intended audience should find their way to you with ease.